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Pinned: Link to my Minecraft mods 

For my minecraft mods, all are posted to CurseForge and anywhere else is an unauthorized repost. I get a little cut out of the ad revenue for people checking out the page and downloading the mod, so feel free to spend some time on the website if you want to support me and my projects! Else I also have a Ko-Fi for more direct support

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Information about my games & their pricing 

I make my games in and distribute for all desktop platforms whenever possible. I also try to make web versions when it makes sense for the project.

I price my games at a "Pay what you want/can" so all of the games I make can be acquired at no cost, but any amount is greatly appreciated!
Link to my games is in my bio, but here it is as well for convenience:

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Pinned : My Youtube Channel 

Adding a link to my YouTube channel here so people can check out my videos:

I'm not sure if this is a normal thing but I get incredibly self conscious about watching something on TV. Like if anyone in an apartment near mine was able to hear what I'm watching I'd probably cry. Not because I'm even watching anything risque or weird, but because I'd hate to be a bother.
Currently working on desensitization because no one near me is as self conscious about their noise

I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

Some emotions I expect to be needing to show in my videos are burnout and frustration. Which I feel this image is good for representing

I'm actually realising that using a persona character in my videos would be a really useful tool because my voice doesn't really carry much emotion so I can let the visual aid carry that emotion. Unfortunately, I can't think of a good audio solution for emotion besides background music, so this might not be helpful to anyone who can't see the video

I'm trying out some drawing for heads to get a feel for what I like the best. Here's showing off my horrid art skills

With my YouTube videos, I think I want to try to make some kind of visual character that represents me in the video. I think not having a visual artifact to connect to the disembodied voice probably limits the engagement. Which means it's time for a 'sona.
I think for now I'll make one myself but maybe when I have more money I could commission a quality 'sona.

Office 365 Rant 

My email client couldn't connect and I had a time sensitive email to send so I had to actually use the Office 365 interface. OMFG every sentence it tried to come up with a "time saver" auto-complete, but instead it would actually ignore all of my keystrokes until I had denied all of the auto-complete suggestions. There were usually like 3, and if I was typing my normal speed I would barely notice them until I saw that I was missing a ton of letters! Super frustrating!

Another question 

So I'm hoping that by spending my free time developing FOSS software, I could also make enough money to afford to live, finish my education, and also start on hormones so I can start to feel like myself.
I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions I could get for this so feel free to boost if you think it'll help find some answers

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Another question for my followers 

I've been considering moving to a FOSS model where my source code is open and under a permissive license, but the compiled version have a fixed price point. So I'd be selling the compiled versions, but anyone is free to download the code and compile for free with no downsides.
Kindof a personal issue I've had is I can't afford both school and HRT so recently I've been just going to school. Which has had some negative consequences to my mental health. (to be cont.

I need to figure out how to add a license to an existing github repo. I like to use GNU GPL3 for my completed projects and MIT for my boilerplate code, but I usually add it from the start using a GUI

I realized that my Godot SDF Gen tool is technically Free & Open Source (FOSS). I don't know how much more could be improved on it besides fixing the glaring crash issue, but maybe someone smarter than me could fix it?

Self Promo 

I had another idea for sharing my more marketing centric tweets as a link here with a content warning. That way anyone who isn't interested can just pass it by, but anyone interested can follow the link. IDK if you need an account to view a single tweet, but here's hoping:
Update tweet for my "Godot SDF Gen" Tool

Building the release versions for the update to my SDF generator. Pretty excited to see what I can use it for

mh, ph, disability 

I'm loving the burning questions of "Is this mass-disabling pandemic the cause of the problems I am facing? Or have I always had these problems, and they were never identified because my family refused to recognize it as real?"

I think for now, I'm going to just make a safety lock on my SDF generator so that users don't have to keep restarting their PCs, but if they want to try out larger kernel sizes, then they just have to unlock the safety measure. Feels like a good compromise between safe software and me spending days trying to figure out exactly what is happening because it literally kills my display and causes a weird source engine style stutter if audio is playing

It looks like this is some kind of interaction with my desktop environment. So might just be a KDE Plasma issue? Also only when processing a 2k texture with 128 kernel size, which still runs really fast so overall the GPU system is going great

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I tried stress testing my GPU based SDF generator with a 2k image. It technically worked, but it also crashed my PC...I think something may have gone horribly wrong...or my PC overheated which has been a recurring problem for me

I got my SDF generator to actually do real SDFs using a shader. It looks like really gross code because I am doing a kernel search twice! But it creates a true SDF where 0.0 to 0.5 is outside bounds and 0.5 to 1.0 is inside bounds. Plus using the GPU for this runs a lot faster. I need to figure out how to have it run in a viewport of some sort so I can run the calculations once instead of slowing down the entire program constantly with larger kernel sizes

I'm thinking I may need to reconsider the game I was originally planning to make for the upcoming GoGodot Game Jam. Being able to make that game would require me to take the entire duration of the Jam period off of work (that thing I do so I can pay rent and eat every day). The original plan required me to learn how to rig non-humanoid characters which is more difficult than downloading a premade rig with animations from mixamo.

I made a small tool in Godot for generating SDF images. I have seen a lot of stuff for how to use SDF images in your game but not enough for how to actually make them. This tool uses a fairly naive approach to get the job done.

Tags for reach:

Boosts greatly appreciated!

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