currently working on a RISC-V emulator in Zig, pretty fun project despite RISC-V instructions being hell to decode.

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@huy_ngo @arivigo @pyxel That's a *big* plus. You actually cannot contribute to closed instances of Gitea, because you have to fork the repo to PR it.

In sourcehut: patch? Email. Issue? Email. Discussion? Email.

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Awesome post by @pyxel! Total recommend if you haven't read it or if you haven't tried sourcehut out! (you should, btw 👀 )

#sourcehut #foss #git #hosting

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slight nsfw 

no one:
me: "i want your nico nico nudes"

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The vagina is
an internal sex organ
in female mammals

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i think the most unrealistic part of video game writing is that anyone bothers to put anything in the subject header of their messages/journal entries

does anyone know any anime bots or topics to follow on here?

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First post on mastodon, my first post will be a Japanese meme.

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