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I'm blind and I had no idea October was blindness awareness month. So we need a blindness awareness month awareness month, preferably September. :)

1. I don't see anything: no shapes or colours. Occasionally get some (possibly placebo) light perception. Only intensity, no direction or colour or size of focus.
2. I do use braille.
3. But I mostly use TTS to access my computer.
4. I have work now, but it was difficult to get.
5. I don't do eye contact and I rock sometimes. Sighties don't like it.

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“no need to be a bad guy to protect from surveillance”
a graph/painting I saw in Paris about a year ago
aged well
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Por fin he encontrado tiempo para ir categorizando los posts de y que tengan su feed RSS por categoría.

Por ejemplo la sección GNU+Linux (sección que se llama se dice gnu linux) cuenta con su feed RSS aquí:

De esa forma a quien no le interesen otros temas puede agregarse simplemente la categoría.

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An evergreen reminder: your time and energy is valuable, so don't let bad-faith actors rob you of it. Block and move on.

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transphobia, nazis, wizard game, terf lady, cis bullshit 

If for some ridiculous reason you insist on giving 70€ to a transphobic fascist, an antisemitic studio and a right-wing lead developer (the Potter game) – WHY WOULD YOU TELL THIS TO YOUR TRANS FRIEND?

Yes please tell me more about how you prioritise childhood nostalgia over not funding genocidal fascists who want me dead, I would love to hear more!


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Ohhh my god, Emacs has a package for mastodon. Of course it does!!

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On this day, september 11, 1973, the democratically elected socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende, was murdered in a military coup. A US-backed fascist government took power until 1990, murdering, imprisoning, torturing and driving into exile hundreds of thousands of people. Do not let this atrocity be forgotten

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What is your favourite #FLOSS project outside proprietary platforms?

Name projects on #Codeberg, but also on other #Gitea's, #GitLab CE instances, #Sourcehut and elsewhere!

#Git #FOSS #software #GitHub

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sharing your pronouns just became a bit easier – your profile comes with a handy QR code 😉

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