I was looking for a funny flat earth diagram for a work presentation and ran across this one and I'm just imagining the poor guy getting ostracized from the other flat earthers over his even more ridiculous theory

@prehensile Ok I'm sure this is racist in some weird way but the idea of having lots of worlds that are each a melted puddle in a massive hollow ice balls sounds like an amazing fantasy world.

@stolas_mk2 the space race was about building the most powerful gigantic sled

@stolas_mk2 @prehensile The Nazis did pick up someone’s crank “everything is made of ice” theory, but you’ll be glad to hear it was all regular right-way-out planets:

@stolas_mk2 @prehensile

There's a Stross story where there are multiple mid-twentieth-century Earths in a giant ocean. It does not go well.

@melivia @stolas_mk2 @prehensile

Title is "Missile Gap", published in the collection "Wireless". Alas, it's not online but some of his other work is:

(A Colder War is both excellent and terrifying.)

@suetanvil @stolas_mk2 @prehensile Oh, I’m well familiar with Stross; just hadn’t heard of that story in particular.

@melivia @stolas_mk2 @prehensile

Cool! Of course, I have the paperback so my copy will survive the EMP storms.

@prehensile a flat earth on a bigger, rounder earth? A brave theory

@Aleums the earth is round, but in the most absurd and implausible way possible

@prehensile welp. earth was a giant ball of ice for many millions of years, well before any life happened.

@prehensile okay but this theory goes HARD

science aside DAMN THATS COOL

@prehensile okay okay but what if earth is actually on the inside of the great ice ball, and when it’s night it’s the other stars of the other planets that you see

@prehensile @Dee this is the content for which I am on this federated network, thank you XD

@Dee @prehensile I would like to see an explanation for seasons on this diagram

@Dee @prehensile Ok but what if there were also lots of Ice Balls in some sort of Ice Ball pit and if you dug deep enough into the ice, gravity shifted and you could tunnel into a different ball?

@Dee @prehensile @stolas_mk2 To Australia! (unless you're already there, in which case stop digging you might end up in England)

@The_T this is like the version of d&d planescape

@prehensile I don't know what that means but it sounds good to me

@The_T @prehensile gotta go back to the original manual of the planes for a worse visualization of a multiverse

@The_T @prehensile also I really hate that this has Apokolips and New Genesis as cosmic realms instead of alien planets with hyper-advanced technology. I love original Kirby Fourth World stuff and this is retconning it into something different

@robotcarsley @The_T @prehensile As I recall, the original description of that diagram said that Faerie was part of Dream, when it's a rather big plot point in Sandman that it *isn't*.

@prehensile "just one of many ponds on the great ice ball" -- carl sagan

@prehensile (hollow) except for all the space yetis obviously

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