I know this is basically a reverse jacob wohl post but I’m eavesdropping on the conversation of three 60 something white guys at a suburban sports bar and they’re saying that if this nuclear stuff is real then trump should get the chair

re: uspol 

@prehensile I've spent years wondering when Trump's piss on the military/buddy up with Russia/tweet out classified shit antics would finally turn off the Tom Clancy Grandpas. Maybe this is the time

re: uspol 

@jalefkowit @prehensile which will out? their soldier-worshipping jingoism or their racism?

re: uspol 

@Taweret @prehensile [ insert meme of guy sweating as he tries to decide which button to push here ]


@prehensile whoa whoa nuclear stuff? this is about the mar-a-lago raid right? trump took nuclear secrets???


@socks according to one report, yeah. It’s confirmed that there was stuff at that secrecy level


@prehensile @socks The other one I just saw was a claim the NOC list was included. Which would be worth... a lot... to foreign powers. Nothing's official until it's official, but we are definitely in the territory of crimes to which we Constitutionally defined the death penalty as appropriate.


@ocdtrekkie @prehensile a former us president stealing nuclear secrets sounds like something that would happen in a model un crisis committee gone completely off the rails

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