The new james gurney book I got has multiple pictures of him at work and I’m developing a theory that the bird is controlling his arm ratatouille style

Okay now he’s talking about how he built a “gallery flambeau” which is a set of parabolic mirrors he uses to incinerate his failed pieces

This is the most elaborate “haha I didn’t mean to draw anthro art, it just happened” story I’ve ever read


In awe of how much work went into dinotopia. The man had a professional firetruck designer help him figure out how a dinosaur would plausibly work as a pump and ladder and built multiple maquettes to get the lighting right. This is for two pages of the book

Reading this is actually pretty encouraging because I get frustrated when I try to work out lighting and shadows just from guessing and it turns out he can’t do it either

@prehensile I did a stint of about 5 years back in the early 2000s studying optical simulation and lighting techniques for computer graphics. I've spent literally thousands of hours examining how illumination behaves in dozens of different contexts and with hundreds of different substances and materials.

I can't guess any of it either.

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