I grew up in a firefly-less area and now live in a place with lots of fireflies and I can never get over how nonchalant people are about the hundreds of glowing unearthly green lights every summer evening

It’s like “oh yeah, all the trees talk here. They speak in riddles. They don’t do that where you’re from?”

@prehensile I forgot they’re not ubiquitous! I feel like they’re such an integral piece of childhood

@prehensile I was on a with trip with a colleague from Argentina who had lived many places but only in cities and she saw a deer and was like what the fuck is that

@prehensile I have yet to see fireflies in person and they still seem unreal to me

@prehensile I've been around fireflies in the past, but we moved at the beginning of the year to a place with *more* fireflies and I actually just experienced the craziness that is hundreds of lightning bugs lighting up in trees just up the hill for the first time the other night.

@atilde it’s that time of year they all start going wild

@prehensile I grew up in the Midwest and super miss fireflies... I still find it weird they're not out here in the California woods. They'd match so well with the mind-blowing redwood forests.

@prehensile would you say that you would not believe your eyes if 10 million fireflies lit up the world as you fell asleep

@miracleorange that would be pretty wild, someone should make a song about it Yeees!!! There are glowworms where I live and every time I see one in the evening I just sit down next to it to marvel at the fact that an animal is making its own light right there.

@prehensile First time I saw fireflies, I stopped, stared.

“Is.. something is flickering, what is that?!”

“Those are just fireflies.”

“Just fireflies? They’re beautiful though..”

@prehensile I just saw my first fireflies the other week! They are incredible!!!

Last summer, I was out on a dock at night watching a meteor shower, and after a while I noticed fireflies flickering IN THE WATER. When I dipped my hand in the water it glowed all over! Tossed in a rock, and I could see it glow all the way down as it sank. Turns out it's due to little diatoms that glow as a defense mechanism. Now I have a little jar of them on my nightstand and in the middle of the night sometimes one of them blinks quietly, and it makes me smile.

@kimbustion @prehensile i have literally never seen fireflies and god i wanna ;;

@prehensile The forests DO yell in the summer here. Some years more than others.

@prehensile every summer evening? here they glow only one week in the summer. then it's over. we appreciate them very much! thankfully we have a garden just out from the kitchen (a luxury, for sure!) and we can sit in the late evening outside in the summer (there are also mosquitos).

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