My pianist neighbor has a violinist over and it’s very weird to hear live professional-level chamber music while I take out the recycling

@prehensile A friend of mine used to live below a professional pianist who practiced every day midday, and it was the most pleasant thing. Just chill live piano music gently floating down. The floors were well insulated too so it wasn't too loud.

@prehensile my sibling lives above a classically trained singer, so every couple days they hear her practicing. they mentioned it to her once and she tried to apologize for being audible, but my sibling was like no. please keep practicing. hearing beautiful singing while making dinner is awesome actually

@prumm oh that rocks

I wish I could hear piano guy from my apartment but unfortunately he's only audible when I'm in the stairwell or outside

@prehensile It’s odd that a video of a back porch would make me somewhat nostalgic and homesick, but the sights alone have done so.

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