Maybe I'm too online but every time a normal-seeming person tells me they're involved in crypto it throws me a little bit, like if they just casually mentioned they bet on underground dog fights

@prehensile no less valid than if they claimed to be antivaxx or believed in 7-day creation imo

@carcinopithecus im not really a paragon of moral purity or good choices myself but it's just so obviously crooked and doesn't even have the superficial fun of casino or sports gambling

@prehensile I mean, it does demonstrate a certain lack of self-awareness, doesn't it. You'd have to be willfully ignorant of the very public criticisms surrounding cryptocurrencies if you were to keep on singing their praises by now. It's actually kinda audacious.

@dressupgeekout "the mainstream is wrong/evil but I'm smart enough to see through their lies" is a very tempting point of view and the worst part is that it's sometimes correct

@prehensile There's an entire series of ads all over the NYC subway by some crypto company based around the theme of "everyone is tired of hearing you talk about crypto (so let us talk about it for you)" and I feel like I'm in a nightmare circus every time I see them

@srol I’ve heard that having an ad in Times Square is like a crypto meme too so I assume that whole zone is even more hellish than usual

@prehensile This is why I have at times gone five blocks out of my way to avoid going above ground in Times Square.

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