I found this 1927 high school yearbook in a free box and the illustrations are amazing, they’re all by one Dorothy Senn, senior

Imagine watching a basketball game with a final score of 6 to 9

@derek they had a 0-0 football game too lol

And every time they get stomped the recap is like "all our players put in a fine effort, no disgrace at all, they were simply a better team"

@derek @prehensile ah yes, the pre-shot clock days when optimal play was to pass sixteen or seventeen times before one of you finally got bored enough to take a stationary, flat-footed shot and miss

@prehensile "Both teams displayed a good defence but were unable to connect with the hoop" ... That's some insightful reporting.

@prehensile I LOVE that there was a real person who was really named Edna Eager! And her hair! Bring that tin roof bob BACK!

@prehensile @Everbern "laugh while you can. Everything has its time." has real supervillain swearing vengeance energy

@prehensile @Everbern although the name sounds more like a protagonist of a romance comic

@prehensile elvynn rigg seems like the sort of kid who got shoved into lockers a lot

@aeva @prehensile they had to invent lockers just to shove him into one

@prehensile this is so perfect, you can just imagine teens losing their minds laughing about how Mrs. Hawkins always says "Yes— all right."

@Louisa like half of them are some variation of “shush”

@prehensile so Bradley used to be called Bradley Polytechnic Institute? I never knew. It was a long time ago that the name changed, it seems. Almost 20 years after this yearbook.

I grew up near/in that town. It kinda tripped me out when I saw all the schools the faculty listed.

@prehensile that makes sense. Most of them are relatively near Macomb, which kinda tracks given the time period.

@simSalabim First thought was: The grandparents of the highschoolers, and the parents of the teachers were actual slave holders. @prehensile

@prehensile given that I have a t-shirt somewhere around here with one teacher's catchphrase on the front and a bingo card for another, it's fun to see that echo through time

@prehensile oh, hell yeah. My school (I went there 5-12) apparently got rid of a faculty quotes section in the yearbook sometime during my time there, because they moved it to the last issue of each year of the newspaper and made it a guessing game.

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