When I was 12 I would randomly install funny plugins on the family iMac so like the error sound was nelson from the simpsons going ha-ha and whenever you booted it up on Thursday it would play a "I never could get the hang of Thursdays" clip from the hitchhiker's guide radio show at max volume and scare the fuck out of everyone

@prehensile When I was a kid I set the "Windows Shut Down" jingle to the credits music from Star Wars Chess, which I think was the full Imperial March or another full Star Wars song

I had to change it after coming to the realization that it had to play the entire wav file before it would actually shut down

@prehensile i changed the entire win95 sound pack to fart noises when i was a kid, solidarity

@prehensile I had the family computer hooked up with audio clips from Freakazoid so the startup sound was Ricardo Montalban shouting "I am now more powerful than you could ever imagine!!"

@prehensile i once wrote some VBS on the school library computers so they would randomly make Microsoft Sam say "soy" at max volume

@prehensile at school the computers were completely unprotected so we would do things like take a screenshot of the desktop, set that as the background, and then delete all the actual icons thereby leaving nonfunctional phantoms in their place

@prehensile For some reason we had a copy of The Macintosh Joker by Owen Linzmayer -- I remember having fun with this when I was like 9 or 10

@prehensile the first time I installed windows was after breaking my system by installing a half life 2 themed startup package ;_;

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