@prehensile i like to think that one guy in the back saw someone was taking a picture and pretended to look like they didn't know these people

@BestGirlGrace kind of a “told his weed guy to meet him here and didn’t know there was an event today” vibe

@astralbijection @prehensile You know, I often tell them about how I transitioned because I don't have a gender, and for some reason it doesn't matter to them at all? XD

@prehensile I’m for trans rights and normalization but I did not realize STOP GENDER was an option. I think I’ve just been converted.



I have a whole thing about how the gender/sex dichotomy isn't actually useful to trans people and it's blah blah blah, but just imagine that the word "gender" (finally) becomes passée and their only legible protest option would be to stand there with a banner that says "stop sex"

@prehensile yah, the "anti-gender" position is so weird / doesn't translate well

@prehensile Oh, you have no idea how hilarious it is when you speak Polish


Plot twist: all the people holding this banner are elderly trans individuals.

@prehensile i agree
Gender should be stopped

It's proprietary bloatware that our manufacturers pre-install on every human.

It's cringe and does nothing, reccommend deleting

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