Happy pride to all the cis straight people who just have a ton of queer friends for some reason

This toot is being read as talking about people who haven't realized they're queer yet, but there really are folks who have consciously engaged with queerness and decided that's not what they're personally into but like hanging out with us anyway, and I celebrate that

@prehensile if you have zero queer friends on Masto, you ain't using Masto properly

@derek @prehensile I'm not certain I have any *straight* friends on Masto.


Thank you a lot ^^

I live with 2 other cis-straight couples. And sometimes we wonder how it is so sad we are so "standard" all the 6 ^^

(And we all have many queer friends)

Happy pride to all my friends, it seems a lot are concerned for some reason ^^

@prehensile Haha lol, that's probably me... 😳 For 20+ years I've been like, yeah I *wish* I was queer, but I'm not. I mean, not *really*. 🤦‍♀️ And now I'm still not feeling like I would belong to any kind of LGBTI*-event; I'd feel like an impostor and I'm so sure someone would throw me out.

@KAOS wanting to be queer is a pretty strong signal for actually being queer, fwiw!

Feeling "not gay/trans/etc enough" is a really common feeling but in my experience the number of hardcore gatekeepers is small and shrinking

I can't speak for all lgbt groups everywhere, but the ones I've been part of have been welcoming to anyone who shows good-faith interest

@prehensile @KAOS a discord i'm on just had someone learn for the first time last night that nb counts as trans...

@carcinopithecus @prehensile Idk, I'm aware that nb is not cis, so technically, yes, my gender does not match the gender I was assigned at birth, but on the other hand, I personally don't want any kind of transition (while many other nbs do). So I'm at least aware that I can fill out the trans survey, and I'm planning to do that next time. 😉 But I wouldn't call myself trans.🤷‍♀️

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