Having people 3500 years later know your dog’s name is pretty good work

@prehensile oh I thought it was British because of Milne! (I already knew it was onomatopoeia for a donkey's sound.)

@chimerror this is a British book so maybe they just spell donkey-sound that way?? But in other places it says dogs were called “iuiu” and cats “miu” so idk

@prehensile i did not know this and do not know what to do with this information

@prehensile So I'm literally doing some scholarly research on donkeys and I must know the source

@dressupgeekout it’s a 1989 book by Rosalind and Jack Janssen called “Egyptian Household Animals,” I got it at a junk shop

There’s no specific citation for eeyore unfortunately

@prehensile Thank you very much! -- besides, I think the Eeyore thing is wrong, somehow I recall that Eeyore was just Christopher Robin's way of saying hee-haw (say it with an English accent) but I haven't verified THAT either

@prehensile I need to take this reference to my old stomping ground, Ashdown Forest, and play Pooh Sticks with it !

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