They say the "magic loop" method lets you knit "two socks at once" but I've been around the block a few times and I know a scam when I see one

@prehensile now I'm trying to imagine what kind of scams or conspiracies the knitting community would cook up🤔

@anathema I actually do want to try it but I'm doing my first pair the old fashioned way

@prehensile your last photo looked GREAT. Excited to see a finished sock when it's ready.

@anathema thank you! I don't know if my sock will fit any known human foot but hopefully it will at least look nice

@prehensile if you add colorwork you also get
surprise knots that can only later be undone by spreading your yarn across the floor and juggling the balls through the threads for hours whiles threatening any family member who dares come close enough to disturb the mess. But, I am particularly vulnerable to Second Sock Syndrome (and Second Sleeve Syndrome) so it's something I just have to deal with. (Have you ever tried on a sweater with sleeves conjoined by a #knitting cable? Fun!)

@holly @prehensile actually my absolute favorite way is to do two-at-a-time sleeves on 2 circs - circ 1 has half of sleeve A and half of sleeve B, circ 2 has half of sleeve B and half of sleeve A. it works up similar to magic loop but with less pulling loops out, but you can also move each sleeve fully to its own needle for a try-on

@nasamuffin @prehensile omg that’s genius! I have to go find another sweater to knit now 😃

@prehensile It's all a scheme of Big Loop to make you buy longer interchangable cables

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