This was surprisingly hard to find and not very well labeled, it’s almost like the curators of the british museum aren’t up to date on their tumblr memes

@prehensile spell 17 of the Book of the Dead has a hidden Amogus if you're still there

@derwinmcgeary they should really have a special map with sites of interest for the terminally online

@prehensile I can never find it if I go looking, but I sometimes stumble on it by accident. (I work right next to the BM and I sometimes pop over in my lunchbreak)

@ghost_bird that feels like the only reasonable way to see it, I think I got about 8% of the way in before I ran out of gas

@prehensile Yeah, you either have to have a specific target or commit properly to random wandering. I usually go for the Greek pots or the Chinese porcelain if I’ve only got a little time

@ghost_bird I was in random wander mode for sure, I only remembered ea-nasir when I saw the sign for Mesopotamian collections

I used to work across the street from the art institute of chicago and had a membership there and saw the whole thing one lunch break at a time so I definitely endorse that system

@prehensile Do you know Irving Finkel’s YouTube videos, by the way? Excellent stuff, if cuneiform and English eccentrics are your thing:

@ghost_bird yes! I saw the Tom Scott royal game of ur one a few years ago and that turned me into a super fan

@prehensile Cool! I saw him give a talk to the Friends of the BM once, before I knew who he was, and he was great

@prehensile imagining the future zoomer Museum of Memes. Musemeum? Memeseum?

@June I listened to the WTYP bonus episode on museums recently and the guest was very hopeful and pointed out that the internet kind of already is a museum

so the meme museum is just Reddit or whatever


@prehensile "You just can't get good copper these days" -Some Babylonian, 1750

@prehensile woah awesome. is that a replica or the original?

@prehensile I really wanna get some cuneiform tattooed and the more I think about it the more I think just straight up getting this tattooed on me verbatim is the only sensible answer.

You should be able to easily make that yourself with a chisel and some charcoal ;-)

@prehensile @ghost_bird You got to actually see the ea-Nasir tablet! That is so cool.

@prehensile i believe that copper worth more than my house and everything in it 😂

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