Orchestra pit is a funny idea. Let’s dress up 50 musicians in tuxedos and gowns and then put them in a big hole

@prehensile and then we can hire people to play pretend on a big floor above them orchestra pit but they're just wearing casual clothing and everyone is suprised when they catch a glimpse

@prehensile So they should go onstage to obscure the play?

@prehensile pitting two orchestras against each other.

a jar full of pitted orchestras.

@prehensile "did you have good seats for that concert?"

"Oh I was in the pit dude"

"The pit? Hell yeah did you mosh"

"Oh the orchestra pit's a lot worse than that" hey, they know what they did to get sentenced to Orchestra (former high school Choral guy, still legally required to tease the folks who had been in the larger half of the music building even if it's been mumble years)

@LilFluff this is a whole unexplored region of the geek hierarchy chart to me true! (Hey, I was just thinking of that chart the other day and mentioned it at work and now I can't remember the details). And of course there is the detail if you zoom in. Like are you just in the sign up and show up for class band/choral, JV, or the by audition only group that goes to competitions and is the only group you were in that actually want to Disney at the end of the year instead of counting the budget and buying Little Caesars and soda? wait, I think that last zoomed in a little too close curls up and covers head with tail

@LilFluff i mean i was in latin club soo

was there a statewide convention where everyone dressed up in togae and stolae and said "salve" to each other? that I went to twice? perhaps iirc I think we were in a gap where Latin wasn't being offered. Although high school me was silly enough he likely wouldn't have signed up. Oh! Speaking of orchestra pits, the end of year awards ceremony for the performing arts classes! Two members of Choral we're also in theater and they got the choral teacher to agree to stage a fake reason for them to get into a fight to demonstrate their stage fighting skills. "This last award is for best behavior in class, only when tallying points there was a tie. One of you can take this home today and I'll order a second for whoever waits." Leading to words, then punches, and one being tossed into the orchestra pit. Nobody other than the two plus the choral and theater teachers knew in advance. Including the principal who had rushed for the stage and didn't realize it was fake until he noticed the cushioned landing zone in the pit.

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