Hey redbubble? This is maybe not the best setting for your auto-generated sample photo


@prehensile kopjhydskdsfjlhsdakfjsdjsalk;jl;dsjf hwehuaHAHAHAHA


@prehensile yeah it needs to be on a piss therapy covid cure bottle


@prehensile making a point about bathroom bills the weird way

pee, hypothetical transphobia 

@prehensile transgender person peed into her bottle because terfs didn't let her into the toilet

pee, hypothetical transphobia 

@LunaDragofelis @prehensile "a trans person peed here" sticker attached to a TERF's forehead

pee, transphobia 

@schratze @prehensile wasn't there some transphobe who put a sticker like that on their mouth (to imply being censored by transgender people)?

You can guess trans twitter's reaction.

re: pee 

@prehensile I guess there should be enough people with this specific kink to actually sell this combination ^^

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