Jfc apparently the “accessible” captcha for creating an outlook account is listening to three songs and picking the saddest one, ten times in a row

@prehensile Are you sure they aren't penalizing you for the name? XD

@prehensile it's like they don't want outlook to be a success

@prehensile Ffs. Not only is that culturally-specific, but it's easily quantifiable using music theory. Ada Lovelace could've broken this CAPTCHA before computer science was invented (assuming she was familiar enough with harmonics to find a decent FFT algorithm, or happened to get hold of Gauss's then-unpublished notes on the subject).

Who comes up with these CAPTCHAs?

@tessaracht @prehensile apparently they haven't watched/read any dystopian sci-fi with ai and morality cores cause this doesn't end well...

(Invariably because some idiots think they are smarter than they are and fuck up the code)

@prehensile is the microphone connected and waiting for audio input of exasperated outrage?

@prehensile I hope this is not an undeclared work of people training an I.A…

@prehensile dear god, ten (10) times? i know companies profit off ableism (also euro/northamerican centrism here, maybe?) but this has the vibes of targeted harassment

@TPO100Cofficial the 10 times thing is so weird because I can’t imagine that a bot would like pass 7 of these and fail the 8th

Their arrow-orientation skype captcha also has an absurd number of rounds so I think they just don’t want anyone actually using their products

@prehensile you're totally not working with no compensation to train Microsoft's neural network for free there, totally not

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