Just got unexpectedly owned by this book about internet & language I bought for my mom

@ben I think she probably read something about instances but didn’t really look into it

@prehensile I mean, that's what they advertised on

but in reality it's more a matter of "who can you trust to not harass you" and less of a matter of "are you really into the clarinet"

@prehensile lacked user-friendliness??? It's literally Twitter, everything about the design of it is just Twitter, what even, does that mean

@The_T I’m guessing that it’s less about the UI and more about that it’s harder to figure out how/where get started than on most social media and federation is kinda confusing

@prehensile I guess but like, I still don't know how federating works and I've been using Masto for 3+ years

@prehensile (this might be hyperbolic idk, this isn't a hill I'm gonna die on I see their point)

@prehensile @The_T

or just an assumption that a non-corporate platform must lack user-friendliness?

@prehensile "Old Internet People". I love it !

Altought I think it's the contrary. My image of old internet people are that of one crying about the cozy local communities on IRC, blogs, and forums. While global social networks are kind of the "new thing 20% less cool but the other places blew off (like always at some point) but didn't renewed because people went to the global social thingy. Sadly".

@prehensile That's absolutely brilliant lol, and idk if it makes it better or worse that I'm here because it's actually what I'd want Facebook to be (in the sense that I haven't found a local irl chatroom in the vein of an lgbt group I'd like lol).

@eggandburger it’s good! It feels almost out of date already even though it’s only 3 years old but it’s not condescending or snobbish at all like a lot of language-on-the-internet stuff I’ve read

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