The one I eventually bought was from a different brand but basically looked like this but with four prongs instead of eight. If there was a single router at microcenter that didn't look like a blue lives predator decal truck I would have paid double for it

@prehensile you build that thing in the evil campaign for command and conquer

@mark lol but also this trend is so deeply unsettling

@prehensile oh yeah! And it's in like every consumer product marketed largely to men. Like, every truck on the market now has a front grill that looks like a Street Shark

@prehensile It looks like a shrine to some ancient god, what the shit

@prehensile The real question we should be asking is does it have support for ? (A powerful router firmware)

@prehensile i've been thinking about upgrading my ancient clunker for years and every time i go to the store i see


and walk away

@prehensile Luckily it's mostly WLAN AP + router combinations from what I've seen

Routers alone tend to be boxes in my experience, like my Edgerouter X which is as rectangular as they get

And WLAN APs are just.. WLAN APs, like Ubiquiti's circular ones

@prehensile it's not actually dangerous when it's on its back, it cannot get on its feet without external help, and cannot move from this position by itself

@prehensile assuming these aren't big enough to stand on comfortably those are some really tiny monsters

@prehensile Put it upside down and add eight googly eyes

@prehensile @x44203 ich frag mich ja wie viel der Antennen wirklich echt sind und wie viele nur Show

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