There was a new person at cribbage club tonight who had a board *tattooed on her arm* so she could play anywhere with just cards and a marker and I’m still not over it

Omg I just noticed the subtle skunk line on hole 90

Also at cribbage club: someone I played with every week for two years pre-transition thought I was a new member

@AshBunny when you lose by more than 30 points it’s called “getting skunked” which is supposed to be a bad thing for some reason

@Ethancdavenport she usually uses a marker or pen. She told me that one time two other people played on her arm while she was driving

@prehensile cribbage was big with the older folks in the part of my family that was from the extremely remote parts of upper michigan. so in my brain it is forever associated with the old rural people in my family, and as an adult it's weird to see people my own age and younger playing it :earth_joyful:

@balrogboogie the guy who runs my club thinks it's the youngest one of the 200 or so sanctioned clubs. Lots of wisconsin and michigan transplants who grew up playing with their grandparents but lots of old fogeys too. I actually like that, it's kind of my only contact with older people who aren't my family

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