selfie, eye contact, boosts ok 

Experience: Estrogen Gave Me Ombré Hair


One day I will learn how to do makeup and wield unstoppable power

selfie, ec, amateur hour makeup 

Oh no, hannah got into mom’s makeup kit

selfie, ec, amateur hour makeup 

Babby’s first makeup round 2: trying something a little less dramatic

@prehensile makeup is easy once you know you dont have to smash everything on.

its the subtle touches that can make makeup *chefs kiss*

selfie, ec, amateur hour makeup 

@prehensile it's a pretty good start! if i were you, i might try more lipstick on your upper lip — paint past the bounds of the actual lip, but keeping the shape of it

selfie, ec, amateur hour makeup 

@vyr appreciate the feedback! I have pretty big lips to start with so i was trying to avoid a Miranda Sings look, haha

selfie, ec, amateur hour makeup 

@prehensile ah, maybe it's the camera angle or facial expressions, but your lower lip shows up a little more than your upper lip in the photos, hence the suggestion. it can be hard to tell from one shot though.

also, that shade is so good on you that i don't think you have to worry about _that_ scenario 😄

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