Screaming at this list of “most American” and “most British” words (“Pus” is percent of US people who recognize the word, “Puk” is percent of UK people)

Take one word from each side to find your Star Wars name. I’m Quango Garbanzo

@prehensile why does this work so well
Yob Acetaminphen

@prehensile fascinating how this breaks down on a “where did you take this word from” axis. Lots of Italian and Latin American words on the left side, and bolshy right in the middle of the right side.

American here, I knew bolshy, yob and korma. Thank you clockwork orange, Indian restaurants, and Slade.

@prehensile Puk that recognizes "hibachi": 26%

Do ~74% of British simply not know of good food that comes from not-France???

@prehensile Seriously, like, half the items on the left column are food-related, and many of them I'd consider part of a *good* dinner.

@prehensile It's pretty funny that most of the words on the left are loanwords from other languages, and most of the words on the right are English slang. (And I bet more people in the US would recognize 'kerbside' if they'd spelled it 'curbside', pronounced the same.)

@prehensile is an escalope what you get when you cross escarole with an antelope?

also now I want korma

@prehensile Thanks; the challenge is to get as pany of the +Puk words as possible into your next conference call with Americans. Bonus points for phrases that are entirely harmless in the UK and offensive in the US.

@prehensile 99% of brits know what a "biro" is. what the fuck is a "biro"

@xnx38h @prehensile Writing on paper with biro's. And when it rains you need a brolly!
That's very naff, this linguistic soup with chipolata sausage.
You would rather not be called a yob.
I love the birdsong of a chaffinch.
Funny I'm Belgian and I know words of both columns! The left column has quite a lot of food related words, from Italian and Spanish.

@xnx38h @prehensile Genericised trademark - a biro is a ball-point pen.

@prehensile It's interesting that most of the words on the left are a) foods, and b) not English.

@prehensile because I can’t convincingly fake any British accents at all I’m now amusing myself by alternating my native accent and my grandparents’ Brooklyn accents for *all* of these.

@gemlog At my advanced age I learn endive = chicory And now I know why I can't find treacle in supermarkets
Think I'll write to the Brits tonight

@gemlog I didn't read it yet. Is it enough to hold you for the next 4 hours that I like that you sent one?
My kid says his story is going to have CC pummel Senator Joseph McCarthy to save me from wingnut extremist you-know-whats

@prehensile dodgem is a real UK word it means 'bumper car'

you know like the fair attraction?

they're the dodgems.

@prehensile I'm a Brit married to an American. This is my life!

us: words adopted from other languages
uk: absolute nonsense

@prehensile I don't know a single one of those UK words, but I'm having a fun time looking guessing them and then looking them up

@prehensile what language are the words on the left?/s

Actually quite shocked at how many of the left words are genuinely totally new to me, despite the usual English-language pervasiveness of US culture.

Conniption Chaffinch.

(as a USian who's been in the UK a decade, I now recognise nearly every word on this list, and I'm not sure how to feel about that)

@prehensile As a Canadian it is safe to say I cannot recognize all these words

@prehensile Americans need more korma in their life.

I grew up 1500 km from London and I live in an ex-British-colony. I have heard and know 7 words on the left, there are several words on the right that I've heard and can't say for sure what they are, but I know for sure 5. I'm surprised Brits watch so much less US TV than I did growing up.
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