This is the most specific want ad I’ve ever seen and I assume there are at least five qualified people on here

if you thought there wouldn’t be a follow up to this toot, you’re dead wrong. They were trying to find the bones of Sir John Suckling in some kind of cribbage-related sequel to the Da Vinci Code

@Mainebot Too bad my French skills are complete garbage, but now I'm wondering if there's a major difference between modern French and 17th century French 😆


(I appreciated the first link, major medieval cookery vibes, and I was looking for the French connection)

@erinbee I don't even remember what it was tbh; I just saw twitter link and realized it was wrong. What WAS I posting carelessly? Something embarrassing or no?

@Mainebot That kid who didn't let their dreams be dreams and stuffed a cookie with Greek salad

@Mainebot That name totally sounds like a French medieval dessert though right?

@prehensile i barely know what cribbage is, much less how to play it, and i am suddenly incredibly invested in this research happening

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