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they protec
they attac
but most importantly
they constantly meow for additional snac

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The graphics of this sign is really sad lol

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#TIL Internet Archive's new service: Internet Archive Scholar. Search 25 million research articles preserved in the Internet Archive. scholar.archive.org/

furry :c 

can I PLEASE get some pets at the pet vending machine or something wtf I'm starving

honestly tired of having to fix every little bug, and it works for a day then dies so why not just restart it

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is it normal to prefer restarting my code every day to refactoring it

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they say cats are anarchists but mine will not shut up about Mao

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I realized I'm projecting behavior I wish was reciprocated, and I feel rejected when that doesn't happen, even if it's unfeasible for someone to do so...
It's mostly with affection, but I notice some other stuff I do in hopes I get it.
Maybe I should try something else :/

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taco bell 

taco bell really only gave me 2 sauce packets?? What happened to dumping a gallon of sauce packets in the bag

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The guy who did my vaccine shot today was an IT grad; jobs being what they are in my area, he got a job as a vaccine tech (he did a great job, too) because he needed the work

He doesn't know it, but he's living the dream. Everyone who works in IT wants to stab people, he gets to actually do it!

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