was excited to play half life 2 for the first time today
guess it didnt age too well, huh? :(

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shill for wiki writing 

idk if this makes me weird but holy shit writing wikis is fun :D
seriously if it at all sounds interesting to you i would super recommend you try it
go to tiddlywiki.com and downling the empty wiki html file and just start writing!!

omg, tiddlywiki is so cool
its like smalltalk but for wikis on the web :o

useless information 

never thought i'd ACCIDENTALLY stumble across a fact as esoteric as "Depend" being the only english word which starts with 5 of the same character in its md5 hash (the highest amount of any english word), but here we are.

how do i hide a toot from someone i follow from my home timeline?

for anyone who wants to know:
version: alpha 1.2.2b
seed: 3257840388504953787
location (x, z): 49, 0

manual seed input did not exist in this version, so you will need an nbt editor to create this world

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oh my god they actually did it
they found the pack.png world

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gamer levels are 96% and rising

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

why on earth is common voice dataset so big its a 50 gigabyte .tar.gz file (*no smaller options available*) i literally cant extract this fast enough on my slow af hard drive (not to mention you need like 100gb of total space to extract it, wtf!!)

i was watching a video about ai recommendation systems when i realized the video was recommended by an ai recommendation system and i just started laughing

enby meme 

this is tyranny

(: ʍou ʎɹɐuᴉq-uou ɯᴉ oslɐ 'ɥo

"$company just gave $number users a reason to quit $product"

vr meme (slightly louder than i anticipated, actually) 

help im stuck in the game how do i get out

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(btw, @david , I think you might wanna know: I tried uploading the original .webm directly to mastodon, but it kept giving me a 504 error (the file is 8.6mb))

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