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Hello I guess I will shill my game library, Omegaquad.
It's a bunch of utilities and stuff written over the lovely library Macroquad, for Rust. Works on desktop and the web.

It's not a crate but a Github repo template, which I did to make it maximally hackable. It's quite handy to be able to change every aspect of it.

Or check out some games I made with it on itch! Everything from "Gridlock" on is with Omegaquad.


i swear every time i go to the store i buy a new condiment and then NEVER USE IT

my table is covered with bottles of hot sauce, soy sauce, grape jelly, salt, pepper, msg, and like 40 hot pepper packets from Dominos because every time i order pizza i ask for 25 pepper packets cause they're free and i like spicy foods and it's also fucking hilarious

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software minimalists be like "boy computers were so much better when everyone was just able-bodied, sighted, and just spoke english"

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they call my modpack 007.
0 configuration
0 minetweaker
7 different kinds of copper ore

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>opens fridge
>there is nothing to eat
>opens fridge again
>there is still nothing to eat

slightly lewd joke 

i feel bad for laughing at this lmao

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the push to re-instate Queer as a slur is TERF agenda because its easier for them to figure out who the "wrong" sorts are by neat little labels. Queer is too inclusive and too covert and they HATE it.

so using Queer is a real schrodinger problem. you're either the right or wrong type but they can't know which until they look in the box and it drives them up the wall.

good. die mad about it. i'll die queer.

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help a trans poc community member!

This member of the Boston community (name not shared for safety) is one of the most selfless people you could ever meet. We as their friends and community members are raising as much money as possible for them so they can focus on studying for and taking the GED, afford their hormone treatments, pay their rent, and continue their mutual aid efforts.

rick and morty
rick or morty
rick xor morty
rick implies morty

selfie, ec, trauma mention :( 

i had to facetime with my parents and i felt awful... still feel kind of in shock. so i figured people would compliment my selfie :)

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selfie, ec 

this is my favorite sweater in the whole world

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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

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lmao the FAA changed the legal definition of "astronaut" specifically to exclude jeff bezos and the other guy

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If you have a daunting big task, take it and break it down into lots of little tasks. Then be overwhelmed by how many small tasks you have!

my coworker linked me to this:

TL;DR in '92 they raised the minimum wage in New Jersey but not in Philadelphia. they looked at fast food resturants in NJ and western philly (comparable areas). Employment went up in stores where the workers were paid more.

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i need to do a show and tell with my grandfather's slide rule, which I have started using on all of my math tests.

I don't have a good counterargument for why raising minimum wage won't increase the prices of things generally produced by minimum wage workers, like McDonalds for example ... i think the argument is:
- Labor costs are most of the cost of producing something
- By raising minimum wage you increase the production cost of a borgar
- In order to keep the same profit margin Ronald McDonald has to increase burger prices accordingly

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someone needs to make a snappy infographic explaining why paying low-paid workers more (for example by raising minimum wage) doesn't raise minimum wage

I remember learning about inflation in econ and thinking "huh that makes sense why" but i don't remember the details.

my intuition is that because a comparatively few number of dollars are spent on paying minimum wage workers (many people make more, and ofc they're paid *fewer dollars*), raising min wage doesn't actually cost too much

if i had a nickel for every Finnish application I've spent more than 100 hours on, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice...

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OS hot take 

The best operating system would be if Microsoft released all of Windows' code and a bunch of hackers would play around with it for a few years

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