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If I say or do something stupid/offensive, please let me know instead of blocking or softblocking me.

Sometimes I'm just not aware of how problematic something I'm saying is, and if people just cut contact en masse I'm left wondering I did and will probably repeat the mistake.

I can't learn from mistakes I'm not aware of.

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A guide to content warning abbreviations 

Some of the abbreviations used for content warnings aren't obvious so I decided to make a guide. Feel free to add if I missed anything!

cw: content warning
mh: mental health
ph: physical health
-: negative
~: neutral
+: positive
?: uncertain
pol: politics
ment: mention
adj: adjacent
pers: personal
ec: eye contact

I try to avoid using emoji in content warnings for the sake of those with screen readers, but whether or not you do is ultimately up to you.

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Time for an

Hello! My name is Owashii and I am a corgi dogkin living in Massachusetts.

@rantingsteve is my fiancé and when I was looking for a new instance, he suggested this one with no bias whatsoever!

I'm not exactly tech savvy but I'm semi-competent and like to reference outdated tech, because dot matrix printers will always be delightful to me.

I apologize in advance for the nonsense you'll see from me on the local TL.

Hope you like dogs!

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Refsheet by @MuttMusk! I've technically posted this like three times now and I'm STILL extremely happy with it.

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You've heard of bark, but have you ever heard of *opens mouth and emits dot matrix noises and paper with "bark" written on it.*

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Sometimes it's like, who needs pants anyways

Am I right?

I am a dog

Last I checked

Hold on

Yep still a dog

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Rocket League is now free on the Epic Games Store.

It is the burrito of neato. ^w^

I redraft things a lot and I can tell when Steve is a timely reading

From the next room over "Why you delete!?"



Does anybody else use the term "neato burrito" unironically?

Some friends were posting about speaking Finnish earlier and the Monty Python Finland song has been playing in my head for most of the day

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Clothes are no longer overrated due to temperatures

I am a great magician, your clothes are GONE

Funner Owashii fact: I was wrong about that one too and, as of today, know that it comes from a flightstick ad

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Fun Owashii fact: Until very recentIy* I did not know that pogchamp was in reference to Play of Game. I thought that milkcaps had gotten popular again for whatever reason and didn't question it.


I'ma finish up watching a video and then amuse myself with nonsense because why not

Roses are blue
Olives are red
Goddammit phone
I said violets, not olives

pol opinion haiku 

Broken by design
Fuck you capitalism
Tax billionaires

Also considering... perma-blep

My previous dog had a permanent sideblep and it made him even more painfully adorable

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What if... corgi had snaggletooth 🤔

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