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Introduction (1/2) 

Finally making an ! Most of my basic info is in my bio but here is some more info about me:

Despite the name of the instance I'm in, don't expect a whole lot of tech-savvy posts. Imagine a random dog wandering into a sophisticated server room. That is me.

My basic rule of comedy is that if you can't laugh at yourself, you can't truly laugh at anything else.

I'm an optimist by nature and like to try to share my positivity by reaching out with jokes or kind words.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
This line doesn't rhyme
I'm messing with poetry conventions
And by adding a fifth line I turned this into what I can claim is an extremely mangled limerick

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Refsheet by @MuttMusk! I've technically posted this like three times now and I'm STILL extremely happy with it.

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You've heard of bark, but have you ever heard of *opens mouth and emits dot matrix noises and paper with "bark" written on it.*

Having a bad night so I'm just going to log off.

I think I'm nearing the end of Detective Pikachu but I don't want it to end yet, weh

Everyone in this room is commenting how out of control the situation is.

Everyone, calmly standing around, commenting on the chaos of calmly standing around.

Okay fine Pikachu I'll do the thing jeez

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Aw he just tells me how urgent it is, ugh fiine I'll just go talk to everyone and then do the thing

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No Pikachu, I have to signal you several times in case you have any coffee tips, [current task] can wait I need to see if you tell me something I don't know already, I'm giving you a chance here /this/ is what's urgent.

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Game is insisting how urgent the situation is, and I'm like "No wait I have to talk to everyone first"




bet you were expecting a misdirection

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"black friday sales start now!"

it is tuesday. go away

Using walkthroughs or cheats in singleplayer games is nothing to be ashamed about. The point of games is to have fun.

I'm more about the experience of the story and, full disclosure, I have never beaten a Legend of Zelda game without a walkthrough.

I'm hitting a point in Detective Pikachu where everything is spoilers so I'm just going to admit I had to use a walkthrough at a few points and it's not as ridiculously easy as I thought it'd be.

Reasonably easy but not absurd easy.

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I am Owashii, Search Engine Sorceror

Mood's finally good again

Wasn't a bounce but I'm laughing again which is nice

TIL Nosepass apparently can only face north? That must make battling kind of hard.

I'm quick at typing but bad at not getting distracted

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lovesick kobold, new to the big city and missing the warmth of his dragon

Oh right, Detective Pikachu

more like Distracted Corgi am I right?

How did I get so good at precision and speed? No joke, playing the fuck out of Cooking Mama and Trauma Center on the Nintendo DS during my formative teen years, combined with spending ridiculous amounts of time in chatrooms.

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Another talent is that I can type over 120 WPM with my eyes closed. I'm not sure if you will believe me but this entire post was made with my eyes closed.

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