Two weeks til launch of the first ever (AFAIK) pet memorial NFT collection: Tender Cats and conveniently, Solana got real cheap in the last 24hrs.

NFTs are gimmicky but also playful and fun. Celebrate my sweet cat and qualify for early access to upcoming skills recognition experiments and community spaces.

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I wish I could have seen @sleslie's presentation on "Libraries and 'Web3'". He does not shy away from the many negative elements but does solid work in identifying the potential value.

I am perhaps irrationally hostile to this movement but there is lots to think about here.

Today is a perfect day to get on the phone and schedule your vasectomy. On hold now, seems there are plenty of people calling in today.

Of all the platforms, the inspirational meme videos shared on LinkedIn are the most insipid. The world of NFTs captures some of the playfulness of early Open Badges. What cool concepts can we come up with, and how do we get past the trend of each NFT collection being its own little silo?

I'll be releasing some playful NFT collections throughout the summer to explore the potential of this space, starting in May with the first pet memorial collection on Solana (that I know of). My tender cat was a really good cat, known well to my local friends.

Today is my first day unattached to the Badgr project that I spent the last 7 years building. Seems like a good day to try out something new.

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