Went on a date yesterday and my makeup was on point



Are they this money hungry that they decide is worth risking it all? You know how fucking bad it will be if someone hacks something like this?


I failed upwards by losing a job and getting a 50% salary increase in the new one :blobcatdab:

Learn how to count in binary with the latest guide published in my digital garden


I picked my outfit for tomorrow and this will be the second time I wear a dress in public :blobcathearttrans:

One of my vue apps beta is on my phone as a native apps and I love it

Let's threaten rich peoples at their doors in Christmas like the good ol' days

Puerto Rico is so unique and beautiful. No country will ever replace that spot in my heart.

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I had the pleasure of doing the art for next month's (spooky) flash crash! Really pleased how they turned out. Make sure you catch it, this one's got a few surprises in store :D

Day off and I setup a git repo on android :blobcatmeltcry:

I really don't understand how corporations are able to exist. They are so bad at what they do

I built a bit ago a script that archives, encrypts, git commit and push my obsidian vault (bunch of markdown files) to a GitLab private repo using tar, gzip, and gpg. The cool thing is that since the vault itself and the root of the project has separated git history I can track the markdown changes without revealing it to GitLab.

From a ticket classifier to a let me build a ticket system that is UX focused. It's so fun

React is neat, but I still like Vue more

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I like people, places and things!

Another day, another 20 applications that most of them will go to the trash with no rejection :catjam:

How can I tell a recruiter that I won't relocate, I hate people and want to stay in my room

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