Is it important to be out at work? Why/why not?

As a straight-presenting bisexual woman married to a heterosexual man, I'm not out, but I'm not closeted either. I would tell anyone who asks, but I don't generally volunteer it. I absolutely acknowledge my privilege here because for me it IS a choice - I realize it's not a choice for others.

I have been wondering lately whether being loudly out would be a positive contribution, in that it increases visibility for the community.

@nicole I'm so torn on this. Do I need to be "out" out to be visible? Would my being out help someone else figure themselves out? What danger am I putting myself in by being loudly out?

@princess_monorail I'm torn too! I think being out might help people understand you and people like you, so I think that might be a good thing. But I also don't think you have an obligation to educate people... if you think you would be in danger by coming out, definitely don't! That would suck.

That's why I wonder whether I should be more open about myself. I am lucky in that I feel my workplace is safe. Maybe if I came out, it might help those who aren't ready to do the same?

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