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CSA/nazi mentions, richard stallman response 

his response is full of "i cant read social cues", even though the things he has said and done have little/nothing to do with social cues.

saying eugenicist shit has nothing to do with social cues, unless maybe you forgot you werent speaking to nazis.

saying that children can consent, or effectively denying the existence of nb ppl has nothing to do with that either.

it seems pretty easy not to harass women without reading social cues too?

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cancel culture 

starting to think that "anti cancel culture" ppl aren't just afraid to face consequences of their actions, its more that they dont want to change their behavior in the first place.

OBS getting ready for Wayland, Linux mint changing it's update structure. This and more, on this week in linux

Just finished listening to a podcast I like record live....It reminded me that I want to run a game set in the Sonic SATAM universe sometime.

I've been a KDE fan for a little while. Though I am playing around with Gnome 40 on the Fedora Beta this week.

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Fedora Council statement on Richard Stallman rejoining FSF Board

"There is no room for harassment, bullying, or other forms of abuse in Fedora. We take our Code of Conduct seriously in order to ensure a welcoming community." #bot #opensource #Fedora

FSF, only tangentally related to RMS 

I just find it annoying that a foundation, whose whole point is about forms of transparency, had to be forced to be transparent.

Just moving here from another instance. I'm Tegan, or Mouse. Glad to be here <3

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