I found out about github.com/open-korean-text and I kinda want to see how I can use it for learning more. In particular I like that the tokenization de-conjugates verbs and adjectives and that seems super useful for a beginner trying to understand written text

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Congrats on making it through the worst year in a generation.

Be warned: It isn't gonna get better because of an arbitrary end point on the calendar.

But that's no reason for dismay.

Instead, let it motivate you.

You made it this far. Even surviving a year like this is an incredible feat. Keep that momentum going. Make it to tomorrow. Then the next day. Until the world moves on.

You got this.

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Breath of the Wild shenanigans 

@owashii ... Suddenly realized Breath of the Wild is a reversal of the original Zelda.

In that one you entered a cave to meet the old man, in this one you step out of the cave to meet him.

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I wonder how many less incels we'd have if cishet guys just hugged each other from time to time

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Reminding myself today of a quote I found anonymously online:

โ€œif you feel like everyone hates you, you need to sleep,
and if you feel like you hate everyone else, you need to eat.โ€

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I started Advent of code yesterday to play and learn Scala. Today I looked at day20, it's a bit of a challenge but I know how to do it

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