rights, abortion, roevwade 

What is happening in is disgusting and must be stopped.

Abortion is healthcare, and as such must be available to anyone who needs it, for any reason. Everyone deserves full bodily autonomy.


@xssfox that fucking sucks 😢 hope you’re alright.

@xssfox That could've been it. I was working in the CBD so went to same one virtually every time.

I guess I'll give it another shot next time I'm back in AU (maybe this year 🤞)


When GYG was first available in Brisbane I used to eat it all the time and enjoyed it... Last time I was in AU (4 years ago TBF) I had it and was so disappointed 🤷‍♀️

@lunarogue great choice, WireGuard is awesome. I use it to bridge my home and workshop networks, and from my devices when out and about.

If your future girlfriend is a woman of culture she’ll appreciate it 😅

A bit more about me:

I've spent the vast majority of my career in tech in the world but have also worked with a number of other technologies over the years.

Outside of work, I like to play with and and love , , all things with wheels really as well as .

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Hello everyone 👋

I'm giving this whole Mastodon thing a go (...for obvious reasons)

No idea which server to use as my 'main' account yet. But I'm in tech (Software Eng/Arch... soon to be Dev Advocate) and am an ally.

From what I've seem on the server wide timeline (which is a neat feature) everyone seems pretty cool so hopefully y'all will be OK with me hanging out here 😅

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