woah. Today I learnt how to use Macros in LibreOffice. It's pretty cool, but I don't know if it would be functional for MSOffice or Google.

I'm so freaking anxious over the elections. This can change a lot of things >:<

Talk about Dysmorphia and skin picking, selfie without makeup and mental health 

Sometimes I see bad stuff, sometimes I don't. This makes my mental health a little bit up and down.

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Talk about Dysmorphia and skin picking, selfie without makeup and mental health 

Sometimes I see a lot of imperfections all over my face. I have pick my face over the years, and as a result of that, I have some scars that bother me. I can't go out without makeup, I see an upper lip shadow (even tho a lot of people tell me I don't have one) and makes me pretty in insecure.

My psychologist told me that I could develop face Dysmorphia if I keep worrying about that, but I can't help myself.

Q: How is doing on multitasking systems?

A: It's hanging by a thread.

dumb sexual joke 

The nice thing about being a trans girl, is that men always find your clit.

When I saw this YT channel, FailRace. I thought, "wow, pretty cool and entertaining". Then I saw a car with the trans flag "wow that's pretty cool" Then I learnt that 70% of the crew were trans and everyone was lgbtq+ friendly.

This is pretty weird when we talk about a racing/cars channel. I love it, and can't recommend it enough.

Not being a native English speaker and learning about ableism was pretty hard for me at first (still is).

But this made me rethink ableism in my native language, and now I think I'm more aware of it. (which is nice)

In the 200+ years that my country has existed, there wasn't a single left wing government. This may change this Sunday.

Everyone always blames "the left" even tho they don't have power over here. It's funny how they make these false enemies to blame.

I hope everything changes for the better.

I remember a video from an old 00's show when two teams were competing on how easy their OS was to install and all of that. It was FreeBSD vs a Linux distro, I don't remember which one, tho.

It was kinda awkward lol

The first time I played GTA SA and was so amazed by the graphics. Compared with my ps1 and my N64 emulator, the ps2 was the shit.

My dad used to tell me "wow, maybe they put a lot of cameras, that's why it looks so good". Lol

I did it!. Now Zorin OS Lite boots faster. I decided to stick with Firefox and add an adblocker, without some demons in the background the browser runs smoother.

When I was little, my parents told me to "ask for anything I want for my birthday". I usually don't ask for anything, but this time I wanted a PSP. So I told them and my Dad bought me a bootleg mp6 looking like a "psp". I was like "yay, thank you" but I knew it was a piece of crap, lol.

I wish one day Blackberry would open the source code of their old smartphones operative system. I want to transform my little BB Torch into a terminal 7w7

People on here are so smart and talented. Programmers, artist and even musicians. I love it. You all rock

Skin picking disorder and frustration 

Well, my 4 day record without picking my skin didn't help me. I'm again picking and I hate it. I need so much concentration if I don't want to pick my skin, and it's tiring.

Seeing girls with nice skin that can show (legs, arms, etc.) Is... Kinda depressing

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