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i exist in a permanent state of dad from coraline sitting at computer

I'm trying to pass but my vocal cords are dummy long and the the clap of my adams apple keeps alerting transphobes

Does anyone know where in NYC I can get puberty blockers quickly? All the doctors I’ve spoken with have months of waiting. :BoostOK:

I’m furious I just started sleeping with stuffed animals and I have been MISSING OUT

voice dysphoria 

Every time I start voice training I get super dysphoric but I sound like a shitty corpsehusband impersonator so idk what to do

Tired: choosing a name I like
Wired: choosing a name with the corresponding .com available

ph mild - 

Yeah if I could stop crushing my toes three times a day that’d be great

Words cannot appropriately describe how much I want to move far away and start a new life keeping contact only with my closest friends

i have helpfully provided an implementation below

def instant_answer_bigotry(question):
return "if you're asking, then, yes"

we need duckduckgo instant answers for “is […] [transphobic/homophobic/racist/etc]”

some people will say you could never ban cars then make fun of you when you pull up to the timmies drive through on ur horse

about once a month i am reminded that Kermit canonically caused 9/11

They wanted to be friends with benefits but the benefit was sex not health insurance :disappointedcat:

🦆🔎: how do I hug someone through the internet

Besties I literally only need tiddy and frog to be happy

me: im going to sleep
wikipedia list of fictional ducks: no you aint

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