Like... I wanna watch more movies....but I don’t wanna commit the time. So I’m gonna watch h.bomb’s 3hr breakdown of Pathologic for the 8th time.

Why must my circadian rhythm be wholly incompatible with my expected hours of operation? Why? Whyyyy???

I was in the like only discord server I could find that was active and about the oculus quest and I had to leave cause a blue lives matter avatar built on another person’s homophobic joke and it’s not a space I can exist in safely. 😠

I did in fact just program my first game in Java and I am very happy. 😇

I know this isn't tech related but I'm a professional actor who's changing careers to tech cause of the current situation. I'm a member of the Actors' Equity Association and my home theater just got put on the Union's Do Not Work list which sucks a lot...

What tips helped you pass your A+ Cert?

Did my lab assignment in my lab class.
Needed task manager to get PopcornTime to close.
Slipped and hit “sign out”
Eclipse did not backup my assignment to my thumb drive like it’s supposed to.
I’ve lost all my lab work. :))))))

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It's going to be hilarious when the Democrats win the Senate and Presidency in 2020, don't do anything about voting rights, don't add PR or DC as states, don't pack the court, have all their legislation struck down by the 6-3 SCOTUS who proceed to invalidate every single civil right, and then lose in 2024 in a massive GOP wave.

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I've been scouring reddit and the internet trying to understand how to be involved in other instances without having to create a new account for every instance I wanna be a part of.

I desire not to take this engineering math exam. Therefore I shall procrastinate with a programming lab essentially doing the same work but it’s not called math so it’s fine

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STEMlord coders are big supporters of "science", until they find out that several studies tell us that using a light editor theme in a well lit working environment is the healthiest coding setup for your eyes.

Sorry I’m still getting familiar with this thing I’m not certain what to post and stuff yet 😅 I can’t wait to get more involved tho.

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