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miku expo, spoilers 

Sound: I actually heard more impressive tuning in the pre-show, but that's not to say the sound engineers bombed the main show. The sound quality of the entire show sounds gorgeous in my headphones. It's just that none of the vocal tuning was particularly specialized for the concert as far as I could tell (I think they usually do that). すきなことだけでいいです was though because of the kid-proofing.


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miku expo, spoilers 

Costuming: A little underwhelming at first. They used standard costumes for all of the vocaloids for the majority of the songs. And where they did use specialized costumes, they visibly dropped the characters' age. I still love Miku's world dress though. It's an absolute unit of the vocal synth community.

Don't lose your dream, make it reality!


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miku expo, spoilers 

Character models: The models do look very good, but the physics is still a bit janky. Especially if you focus on the hair. I like the improvements overall, and I think it's probably a nice compromise to not be too pseudo-realistic. No repeats of "hey Miku, this is Scarlet" please. At the very least, it doesn't go /through/ their bodies anymore lol.


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miku expo, spoilers 

Choreography: The choreography and motion capture team nailed it. The dancing is just so good and it still has that MMD feel to it too? I feel like they did some postprocessing to make the motions feel just a tiny bit snappier.


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miku expo, spoilers 

Lighting: The lighting engineers absolutely exceeded expectations. They used AR, ray tracing, stage lighting, artificial lighting, shadow effects, and just so much. Look at how light bounces off of the character model. Look at the character shadow! Lighting just fucking works.


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miku expo, spoilers 

Band: Fucking awesome! The guitarist and bassist really slayed it. Masaru Teramae especially shreded that strat. I just learned he's also in a touhou circle that I've probably been listening to this whole time lol.

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miku expo, spoilers 

Tracklist: They had a really feel-good tracklist of songs picked out. They didn't even touch the side of Vocaloid I really listen to, but that's okay. They did play すきなことだけでいいです, which is known for being satirically dark. However, they ramped up the cute factor for all of the kids watching; it just sent the sarcasm through the roof. I like the selection overall, but I would have liked more variety like they did last year before COVID.


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miku expo, spoilers 

Fuck that was awesome! Alright, so I really feel like digging into just every single little thing I noticed. It was such an amazing concert. They got over-funded and absolutely slaughtered expectations. There wasn't an encore like they usually do, but still, this is a 15 hour long event. I'll yield criticism on that ground.

Alright, toot train here we go.

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Watching 2021!! It's already awesome and it's going for another 14 hours. I'm going to stay awake for most of it lol. I may...start blasting posts about vocaloid. You might want to mute me for a day or something haha, fair warning.

I'm so excited to see my favorite artist, 鬱P, live!!! Even if it's at 5 am local time.

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Framework’s Innovative Modular Laptop is Now Available to Pre-Order

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Reposting from Discord.

Happy pride month everyone!

Something nice today: my work computer's keyboard has had a broken Ctrl key and it just magically started working again. I was ecstatic and smiled for what was certainly the first time today.


I absolutely had to share this. So many layers. Only two breaths.

The automated response is a little ironic. A useful sentence to have though, for sure

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