Getting 64GB of RAM for my new machine probably ranks among the single best decisions of my entire life.



@fribbledom @mrus That sounds dope. I'm waiting on the Serval WS to drop again so I can get one of those laptops with a 3900 in it. An actual desktop processor. The madness.

@math_always_to_tyrants hm, the System76 machines are cool, but unfortunately their screens seem to be rather ... meh.

@mrus Is the screen a TN panel? I saw that they're 144 Hz but the type wasn't specified in their specs

@math_always_to_tyrants I dunno but if you check reddit people were pretty disappointed with the quality/brightness and obviously the FHD resolution in 2021.

@mrus Could you share what you found? Couldn't find anything like that by searching. I'm personally quite happy with 1080p in 2021. Lots of applications don't scale to 4K very well (looking you, ). The quality is debatable though because it's not specified on their website. However, I think this is their second model, currently undergoing some firmware fixes. Possibly those are comment from the previous Intel model?

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