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Tonight I finished midi'ing the vocals for the cover I'm working on! Just gotta finish up the translation, figure out which phonemes sound good with this voicebank, and get to tuning!

get rich quick scheme 

Start a country called Jasmonia or something, get IANA to assign me the .js TLD, and sell domains to every frontend dev I can find

#Signal turning into a crypto-ponzi currency scheme?


That Signal:
- isn't really free/libre software (as Moxie denied freedom to redistribute modified version)
- would *never* federate (political choice of centralization)
- updated server software wasn't published
- invaded people's phonebooks
- runs on Amazon+NSA's infrastructure
- is virtually impossible to use out of Google's infrastructure -
- etc.

...didn't seem to be enough to alarm Signal users.

I wish all of my fellow aces a great International Asexuality Day today! You are valid!! I hope you all can celebrate in some way, be it having some good food or spending time with one of your favorite hobbies.

Read more about IAD at

Make ASCII art fluid simulations using 'endoh1', a program created by @mametter for the IOCCC in 2012.

Damn, this new song fucking SLAPS. I'd love to do the translation for it, but I can't justify to myself doing it with all of the work I'm under /:

When you're months behind and you finally find a paper that you think will help with your research

Here it is! The grand finale of the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

Only one language can win this. You decide!

shitpost, asexuality 

me: I'm asexual
the dating app: That's short for allosexual right? I'm gonna show you more of that

Wow, what an instant classic. I didn't realize it when it came out a week ago, but this is an absolute masterpiece. Such a wholesome song from the same guy who wrote サイテーの人

Take the answer we all probably think it is and pick the other. That was the actual answer.

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it's 2021 and we are still talking about "free software" instead of:
* community software
* liberated software
* anti-capitalist software
* transformative justice software
it's been 35 years, and our philosophy and understanding of the role of computing and software in our society has changed drastically. The FSF and the culture of turning RMS into a 'great man' haven't changed in decades.

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