This is their "small" "mousepad"? I was honestly hoping the 11 x 17 was meant to be in centimeters.

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Yo I really wasn't expecting this email today, or at all. I submitted my first paper without my advisor proofing it. I didn't even have figures. The reviewers really liked it though!

Now I gotta get ready for the conference and finalize the paper! :happycat:

Many Americans think that Hawai'ians lived in huts prior to colonization. The US actually de-industrialized Hawai'i. Before 1898, Hawai'i already had electricity, mass transit, railroads. Iolani palace had electric lights before the White House.

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All this news about crypto being traced---did nobody realize that the blockchain was public? Like, it was described by the original founders as a "worldwide conspiracy that everyone was in on," where the entire ledger is public. That's well known. Did people think it was impossible to trace money with full transaction history publicly available?

Two interesting things though: 1) how did they get the private key to recover ransom? 2) How does this affect Tor users' anonymity techniques?

purely functional programming is a field of study devoted to finding increasingly sophisticated ways for computers to not do anything

More Todd shenanigans:

I've been using "pine'n" as a Discord handle for a while. It was a play on "pinin' for the fjords" from Monty Python and the fact we have servers in our department named after trees; I'm known to blast parallelized jobs on 'pine', hence...yeah.

I just looked up "pining" on urban dictionary.

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Ace shower thoughts:

"femdom" isn't word play on "fandom" and is actually just "fem" and "dom" put together? I think I've been reading that wrong for years, I--

Ah yes, the constant battle of

Am I tired which makes my adhd act uo and make me feel bored and apathetic


Am I bored and apathetic which makes me wanna sleep to skip the day and therefore pushes me to think I'm tired

meanwhile in uspol, not the onion 

"West Virginia to offer trucks and guns as COVID-19 vaccine incentives"

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miku expo, spoilers 

I missed Utsu's stream 😭
I'll find some way to watch it...

KIRA rigged up a Live2D model lol. I should've known he wouldn't face reveal. I /love/ the bass in this song. I've driven around town blasting this out of my car unapologetically before 👀

Show thread's official. is the #1 trending hashtag on Twitter at the moment.

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miku expo, spoilers 

Overall: The lighting and AR crew really take the cake on this one. I mean, they literally made the whole show. It was one hell of a concert.

From a technical standpoint, I deeply wish all of this technology wasn't proprietary. So much of what they're employing isn't available to indie musicians, which was /the _entire_ point/ of Vocaloid. I've considered several times the need of a FOSS standard in the community, but alas, that's far than I can commit.


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miku expo, spoilers 

Community: Just for completeness. They also had 3d miku models that were individually painted by the community. And they were all floating around, being ray-traced too of course. Because why not when the lighting team fucking kills it like that?


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