Looking for Work :boost_requested: 

Hi all! I'm looking for junior-level work in / development, linux admin, or anything related. I have worked with on librsvg in and have written my own websites! I studied media in university so I can make videos and know a lot of AR/VR theory and design! I've also written C#, Java, Python, and Shell scripts

Need remote work, central US-based, travel (post-Covid) is great!

(sorry for the hashtag spam)

ill remix ur music?? :boost_requested: 

i have done these remixes:

a glitch remix of an industrial track by dorothy waste from this album dorothywaste.bandcamp.com/albu

as well as a noise remix of a noise track:

and I have done a remix of a dubstep track which i think turned out great but it's not released yet!

I would like to remix pretty much any electronic genre, hyperpop, techno, electro, DnB, breakcore, dubstep, hmu and send me stems!

I finally established that something I'm experiencing isn't just paranoia. I've only experienced this while laying in bed until now, making me question whether it's real or not. Well, it is. While laying in bed, I've been feeling my room shake for some ~30 seconds almost every single day. Well today, I'm sitting at my desk, and now I can visibly watch the water on my desk shaking, the monitors shaking, all of it, and I'm sitting completely still. Wth?

SynthV needs to let their vbs shine before completely upstaging previous ones. Like holy cow, it's nuts that they keep one-upping themselves. There's Solaria, this incredible new multilingual vb, but then you have Cangqiong's English? And now there's Seika too, and surely it's only a matter of time until her vb gets English support too. Poor Eleanor.

people have pointed on to him that this is just a modern journal anyone can buy online and you see, sure, it's modern but someone penciled in a bunch of stuff and that stuff, that stuff that someone penciled into a modern journal could still totally contain amazing templar oak island secrets, you see

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schedule anxiety 

did some planning for the coming 2 weeks... (* is a hard deadline)

* read 6 papers
* write 5 papers
- write 30 min. presentation
- formalize a proof

* containerize an autograder
* office hours + being bombarded on discord
- more next week

- read 3 more papers
* get familiar with numerical solutions to PDEs

and more:
* update a website
* event planning with 3 orgs

Oh yeah. This semester is gonna go /great/.

boost if you impulsively meow whenever an embarrassing memory randomly pops into your head

Sure the US date format is confusing, but have you seen the AM/PM system? Why on earth would you have 12PM be between 11AM and 1PM and not after 11PM???

A PhD researcher at the University of Huddersfield is looking for intersex people over 50 across Europe:


@alienghic @SeanAloysiusOBrien @Taweret

I would like to predict, that somewhere in the USA, at least one church has a signboard with this slogan on it :


man date of heaven (when u go on a date with a really cute boy)

wordle 210, 3/6 

Heck yeah, that was a good one.


Don't Look Up (spoilers), Capitalist Realism 

Interpassivity, that was what I was looking for. A term by Robbert Pfaller.

The film performs environmentalism and anti-capitalism for us. Allowing us to continue with impunity.
"The role of capitalist ideology is not to make an explicit case for something in the way propaganda does, but conceal the fact that the operations of capital do not depend on any sort of subjectively assumed belief."

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Sexuality (not lewd), recovery from purity culture 

Recently been realizing just how much healing I have left to do from being subjected to a particularly nasty and vehement strain of purity culture and sex-shaming in my formative years.

My own inner turmoil around expressing and acting on attraction is palpable to the very people I most wish to share it with, and it's heartbreaking.

I've run across a few odds and ends to help with this sort of thing over the years, but if anyone happens to know any decent resources - especially queer-affirming and/or trauma-informed ones - I'd deeply appreciate suggestions.

(Boosts welcome)

I played one day of wordle so far and my brain is already thinking "what if I trained a decision tree?" and "what is the expected value of guesses to solve the puzzle"?

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