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This video summarises the hardware issue and runs the full technical demo using a Commodore 64 to run the code.

Writing some test code for when I finish the scaled sprite PCB... 24 sprites, emulated, 60 fps. Space Harrier perhaps?

Scaled sprites board almost complete. Remaining components pending delivery from Mouser.

Dictionary compression tool and example code for decompression. It uses LZ based copying and a dictionary to improve compression across several input files.

Hold on a mo, since when did this IDE display who last edited the methods in a class?

While waiting for the sprite scaling board I've been experimenting with tweaking the demo code in emulation. This updated demo code uses pretty much all the available scaled sprite calculation clocks using SRAM speeds from the spec.

Ah ha, the method optimiseDictionary() is complete, it passes unit tests. Now to check how the output data looks... ... !!??!?! The resultant compression ratio is much worse? Oh well, that didn't help. Let's look at other methods then.

There is someone with the same name who sells water softeners. I often get emails from his customers asking for salt. I really wish they would make sure they use the correct email address.

Hmm conclusion, this current delta compression is not that optimal in terms of size and flexibility, it's built for speed and rigid memory layout. Going to need, YACA, yet another compression algorithm.

Now looking at some very old delta compression code and wondering what on earth I was thinking at the time.

Why is YouTube sending me adverts about buying a gulfstream? :blobfoxangrylaugh:
I think its demographics are a bit wrong.

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