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time because introductions are so hot right now.

I'm Mari, 32, they/them. I'm currently a level 2 IT helpdesk tech, so I pretend to know what I'm doing when things break.

Currently learning about web dev to escape my job. Video game obsessions include and .

I'm passionate about , , dishes, and watching videos. Even if I do most of those things kinda half-assedly 😂

I look forward to seeing you around!

Oh god I've been doing the thing...

I'm only realizing now when someone learns I'm vegan, leftist, or trans, I immediately clarify:

"Oh but I'm not one of those CRAZY (people), I'm okay with you doing (kind of problematic thing but I'm too scared of standing up to you to correct it). Maybe I can convince you that not all (people) are crazy??"

Spoilers: In all the years I've done it, at best people tolerated me. Not one has been convinced to change their mind. This isn't working.

If you've any friends sitting on the sidelines, now's a great time to remind people:

Lack of action where action was possible is still action. You choose to sit out. You choose to allow the current situation to continue.

Obviously, if you're genuinely unable to act, no worries. That's why everyone who can help needs to. It doesn't matter how you help, just do something. Anything.

Why did I go through several college courses on programming and no one ever showed me the assert keyword?

I love learning on my own.

Maybe I should stop donating to the local food bank and just give leftover cash at the end of the month straight to people in need?

I know the food pantry here needs to advertise a bit to get more donations, but it stings a bit when I see them in my mailbox multiple times per week. Like what is my money really going toward?

If I have pro nouns, do I also have casual nouns?

Food talk 

Today is 1 year since I went vegan!

Here's what I learned:
* Seasoning is your friend

* Don't try to replicate meat. Find something new instead.

* Oat milk is the nectar of the gods

* My old self didn't know what fiber was. They were missing out.

Still lots to explore in the cooking world! Thanks for reading!

Had a great weekend at my first furry convention, thank goodness it was virtual!

Let me tell y'all... learn to recognize when your batteries are drained and you're overstimulating yourself.

You'll thank yourself when you stop before that point.

You ever feel guilty for feeling guilty that you should be doing something? Then the feeling of avoiding guilt becomes the thing you're feeling guilty for not doing?

Anyone wish they could escape that loop long enough to develop any kind of worthwhile skill?

Totally not me, haha...

ha. Therapy is too expensive 😔

Y'all ever just wake up at 1AM unable to find your phone so you can go to the bathroom, so you feel your way into the kitchen to grab a light to find your phone has fallen into the garbage bin next to your bed?

Oh those late night adventures...

Anyone out there like using GoLang? What do you find it's strengths are? I'm learning it and am curious how others like and use it.

Depp vs Heard verdict came in. I hope everyone's buckled in for a few more waves of horrible, garbage-tier commentary from all over the internet 😪

After being used to Python for a while, I was surprised at how positively rude GoLang was today when I asked it to cast a float as a string.

Python: "Sure, here's 1.0 in string format"
Golang: "You dare type that garbage into my compiler? Go use the strconv library and come back."

Why won't you hold my hand, Golang? 😭

15 vs 25 because it's so hot right now (and I was looking for something to do, thanks internet)

It's so easy to forget your accomplishments and achievements. It was literally invisible to me how much I built at my job until I trained a newbie today.

"Oh yeah that's automated now, I built that."
"Yeah that was a thing we did, a job I made takes care of it now"
"Here's a tool we use, if you have questions, just ask, I built it so I can help"

...Literally take a minute to look back. You've come a long way and you deserve way more credit than you give yourself.

Me ten years ago: "I'm definitely not trans"

...that was a lie

Me five years ago: "I'm definitely not an anarchist"

...that was a lie

Me a few months ago: "I'm definitely not going to make furry personas as a means to escape this harsh reality via roleplay"

.... 😅

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Anyone else have this? I feel I can't play, read, do, watch or experience anything new or exciting 3-4 hours before bed otherwise I spent all night tossing around in bed thinking about the thing.

Tell me I'm not weird?

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If you're not getting 25g of fiber a day, you're missing out on some incredible bathroom trips.

Eat. your. fiber.

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