@haskal I have a stylus device and I'm getting better at rust through working on librsvg so once I'm done with that this would be amazing to build as a side project and I would use it so much, I love note apps

poetry, long (space-wise, not words) 

Title: Shows
happy spinning, hands flying,
movement, laughter
too loud, too much
movement, talking
pure joy, happy movement
quiet hands, quiet mouth
happy characters, pure joy


pure joy, happy movement
loud hands, loud mouth
happy spinning, hands flying

the past


in shows

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I wonder what it would be like if we started saying that other things were "rapid onset"

@AgathaSorceress same, I was very confused about what I was looking at for a second, then I scrolled up

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@ocean a cjk (Chinese Japanese Korean) font should get it working, on my debian install that's all it took at least

i generally use fonts-noto-cjk for Japanese and it's in the debian repos

@aoife yeah, though thankfully mods kind of pick up some of the slack for rimworld if it's a bit of a pain and buggy

i very much agree, a healthy mix of both in a game would be amazing

@aoife very true for both

I do love the history aspect of dwarf fortress, though the ui has made getting into it almost impossible for me

i feel like my perfect sim/management style game would be a mashup of both with a more dynamic world and more free movement through the world

@aoife yesss it would be so cool!! I feel like rimworld is so close, it would probably just take some loading/unloading tricks and map generation tweaks to make it happen but it's not infeasible from a conceptual level

@aoife my biggest thing that I think would be cool is a larger scale for interacting, like if rimworld borrowed the chunk system from minecraft and let people explore the world, found new colonies, move, etc. directly at the pawn level rather than in the abstract tiled world view

an epic journey of a caravan traveling to the next town to trade would be more interesting if you saw the pawns as you traveled through sectors and could stop them to collect food as you went

Cat ec 

@schratze the best cats are, it keeps life interesting :blobcat_mlem:

Cat ec 

@schratze awwww it's still a cute photo, just not of her sleeping :blobcatgiggle:

that yawn looks so demonic to be honest

Cat ec? 

@schratze lmao that's a great superpower honestly, smear frames are so fun

Cat ec? 

@schratze that picture looks so much like an animation smear frame :ablobcathappypaws:

mh inquiry 

@nasamuffin I find mine varies in intensity depending on how stressed I am, so if I'm super stressed I'll be even more annoyed by sounds but less stress means it's easier to tolerate, but that's just me so your situation could be different

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Happy to announce that @madds is my Summer intern for Outreachy! They'll be adding SVG2 and CSS3 features to librsvg.

thank you whoever on here talked about Outreachy back in February

I wouldn't have learned about it if people here weren't talking about it

@oat this is literally how I picked up my wife :blobcatgiggle:

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