wow it really didn't take muse group very long to start making the community hate them after buying audacity

Two last thoughts, I sort of get some people's reaction against the reaction of people who are against the telemetry (those appearing to be being against the 'dogpiling') to which I reply why didn't the new team try to get public input first?

There's some really good discussion happening in that thread (also a lot of unnecessary noise but that's the internet tbh) and it's not like there is a better opportunity to say people are against something than the thread in which it's being added.


Also, why should this data go to Google? The #1/#2 *advertising* company?

It is sent via the internet, so they get the IP and if anyone has signed into Google from that ip then they can link that data directly to an individual and it's just asking for data leaks.

The PR writer's response completely sidesteps the Google issue, which isn't good, and honestly their basically non-response to the literal thousands of people raising issue is worrisome for the future of a long-lasting project I use

one last thing for real this time lol
(I have feelings)

People saying that the proposed tracking is not any more than what proprietary stuff or web stuff tracks is true, but also,

why *should* literally every piece of software and website track its users?

why should audacity add to this landscape when it has gone 20 years without?

why risk people forking it just for some data to be sent to Google and used for adverts by them with minimal advantage to audacity?

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