ASD, Research, annoyance 

I hate researching things about ASD through my school's library, so much of it is like "parent surveys but only for the autistic participants" "children only" "no autistic people were consulted in the making of this study and it's so obvious" :blobcatknife:

meanwhile I'm just trying to find research information on actual autistic people's explanations of their own sensory perceptions

i have a bit to sort through but if anyone has anything related I'll gladly look!

re: ASD, Research, annoyance 


You'll find that most research on neurodiverse people doesn't actually take any direct input from the people themselves, and a lot of the studies are constructed in such a manner that the conclusions beg the question.

re: ASD, Research, annoyance 


yeah, I've found maybe one article that mentions it was designed with help by ND people, and a book by an autistic author

its annoying because of my course's requirements for using journal-published sources and most articles being terrible

re: ASD, Research, annoyance 

it really, really is :angery:

though that's probably enough being upset about the hellish research landscape for one day, it just hit midnight here so I'm gonna head to bed! thank you for talking! :blobcataww:

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