Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

@bradysflungtablet @lunarogue
You don't have to be an Aspie in order to want to do that I think. Or maybe, if this is something that defines an Aspie, I am one too.

@lunarogue I replicate it by finding a post I want to reply to on my phone and then trying to find it on the PC so I can reply to it :P

@ada @lunarogue I mean u could like or bookmark it
Twitter always gets rid of the post before u can like it lmao

@mergerg @lunarogue Now that would just take all the fun out of it :P

@ada @lunarogue psst... copy link + clipboard sharing with e.g. KDE Connect. :3

@arcade @lunarogue Sorry, it was meant to be a joke, not a real problem :)

@lunarogue don't worry, mastodon makes up for that by having terrible search so that when you want to find that one post you know you saw once and remember some of you are completely fucked. no chance of finding it unless you know who posted it and have the time to scroll through all their posts looking. at least Misskey doesn't have a timeline algorithm so you can come back to that post. Unlike Birdsite where if you scrolled over a post already you won't see it ever again

@lunarogue "Oh that was interesting I ... I can't remember what it was and I will never know now."

@lunarogue I love moving the mouse towards the like button and the Twitter timeline jumping right before I click so I like a completely random tweet

@avi @lunarogue @Stoori Sadly Mastodon has this problem too (at least on the web client). However, if you enable Slow Mode, it'll make it so it'll just tell you how many new posts there are, and you can click it to load the posts.

IIRC Twitter has this kind of option too.

At least when Mastodon jumps, it doesn't completely change what posts are displayed on your timeline, so you CAN find them again.

@eishiya @avi @lunarogue i've found the federated timeline jump very erratically, sometimes posts just disappear and sometimes they move to a completely different places. I guess this is because of too many posts for the available server resources.

@eishiya @avi @lunarogue @Stoori Slow Mode was like the very first thing I enabled in mastodon. Couldn't live without it.

@lunarogue oh no it doesn't lack that feature, sadly!

i struggle with this problem every day :(

@lunarogue Joke aside, I think that this can be toggled from the preferences (isn't this what the disabling the “Slow mode” option does?)

@lunarogue My timeline does have that feature… I'm not sure who should be jealous of whom.

@lunarogue Watch the Federated feed when some shit is going down.

@lunarogue at least 3 other replies have already mentioned the federated feed, but i'm getting from this that twitter has *no* feeds in which this does *not* happen? :oh_no:

@lunarogue the first party client does this on the algo-social site's Home feed. app lets me view both mastodon and twitter in a single feed and post simultaneously to both.
it fixes the whole resort while im reading issue too.

@lunarogue To be fair, when I reply to a post in home, it ends up with home back at the top and my reply, which is a pain. I'd like it to stay put so I heel going down home and catching up. So mastodon is trying to be as annoying as the twit.

@lunarogue I really miss this feature too. I totally love it 😂

@lunarogue I'd like a Mastodon feature where it shows my feed in a random order. Linear time is too simple to follow.

@lunarogue this! And this is the the most important feature!

@lunarogue feature request to @Gargron - add an out-in „twitterize my timelime“ user setting 🤣🙈🤪

Try looking at the federated timeline from the advanced front end of the web view - it happens there quite a bit!

It's the timeline with all known posts from all known instances (that is, known by your instance). It's not available on the official app for stupid reasons, but you can access it on the web and in 3rd party apps.

@lunarogue yeah the pure cronological timeline has pros and cons.

@lunarogue try bookmarking...if you are fast enough. But then the too many bookmarks will make you loose sight.

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