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oh, obligatory minor accessibility detail: the hitboxes are bigger on devices with imprecise input methods (ie touchscreens)

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well gosh golly hi there all you new folks!

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don’t use your legal name as your username when you sign up because there’s a pretty good chance you will want to change it within a year or two

This is not really a joke

there we go:

just a linkdump landing page for now, might add projects and talks and stuff another time

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I kinda cut down my online existence when I transitioned and never really built it back up again, instead just building an audience on the bird site. Maybe I can finally put a landing page back on my own domain with links to all my stuff again?

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also made a deviantart and discovered that their site is extremely anglocentric, you can’t use *any* non-ascii in titles, not even accented latin letters

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made an artstation and within seconds of uploading my work, I had crypto spam in my DMs (which I dutifully reported as spam)

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So I’ve started diversifying my social media presence a little, and it’s going great /s

Been on here a while but I guess I’ll do a fresh :

Hi, I’m Luna!
By day, I’m a graphics programmer in the UK games industry. By night, I’m a demoscener making procedural artworks with code. I’m trans, I love cats (though I don’t have any of my own), and I will always over-commit to the bit - including (but not limited to) buying fonts specifically for making typographically-accurate memes, and building entire websites for a quick gag.

Oh, and here’s some of my art:

For anyone that missed it, the recording of the compo is now available, complete with commentary from Subi and @Truck

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Update: scored 2nd place in the compo, and congrats to noby for taking the win!

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@Truck thank you for the shout-out btw, always nice to get more eyeballs on it <3

Is This Your Card?

Released in the 4KB Executable Graphics compo at Revision 2022.
A still image rendered by a 4-kilobyte executable.


someone on the hellsite nerdsniped me so now the executable graphics gallery is Netscape 4 Compatible

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