hey so I wanna try an experiment

I’m about to start an empty video call, if any mutuals fancy just hanging out for a bit, hit me up and I’ll drop you the link! :3 anyone up for it?

@SuricrasiaOnline @jamesnvc late reply but yeah! here's the framework I wrote. it's tailored a bit around how I tend to write my shaders, but it still provides a helpful basis for other people to use as a starting point:

last night's little improvement to my fledgling blog engine, alt text warnings:

eye contact 

oh yeah I’m cute sometimes :3

@Truck @drq@mastodon.ml looks like mastodon.ml is blocked from my instance so it took me a moment to figure out what was going on, but yes, I'm yx

I'd love to be able to pop out individual DMs in Discord into their own minimal windows, so I can focus on the conversation and not have the giant sidebar taking up space and attention.

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Something I really miss from the MSN Messenger era was how conversations would be separate self-contained windows.

Over the last several years there's been a push towards mobile-first design, which has meant everything now takes place inside a single app window, even on desktop.

y’all ever just read municipal signage design guidelines to relax on a weekend?

For the curious, the font here is Brandon Grotesque, designed by Hannes von Döhren, and published by HvD Fonts. It's also available via Adobe Fonts.


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@pcy Nonogram puzzles originated in the late '80s!

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