Released in the 4K Executable Graphics compo at Revision 2021.
A single image rendered by a 3-kilobyte executable.


@luna hey you (:

Can you post something about this really cool 'blossom' thing of yours?

(Subi and I didn't know about it and "oh gee um what is this thing" truck incoherence / subi correcting was done on stream and I'd love to point folks to it later today, possibly in the wrapup segment?)

@Truck Sure thing! I found myself recycling roughly the same wrapper code between my exegfx prods, and thought it would make sense to tidy it up and release it - so folks can focus on making art, and not have to worry about the "making it an exe" bit. It's tailored a little toward my rendering approach, but my hope is it provides a useful baseline for people to extend as they need.

Freely available at:

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